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Calling in "The One"

Awaken your power to create happy, healthy committed love.

Conscious Uncoupling

Learn how to live your happily even after life.

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Discover a lucrative career helping people create a joyful future in love.

Praise for Katherine Woodward Thomas

“Katherine is truly gifted! Her magical techniques and seminars are life-changing . . . especially if your heart is blocked from receiving love. Her insights and wisdom can assist anyone wanting to find ‘The One.’ Her processes worked for me . . . I am now happily married to my wonderful life mate!”

Author of Get Real About Love: The Secrets to Opening Your Heart and Finding True Love
Las Vegas, NV

“Thank you so much for bringing Calling in “The One” into the world. Following the guidance of your course helped me to heal from a significant heartbreak and led me to the most incredibly loving romantic relationship. I have so much gratitude for it every day. I recommend Calling in “The One” to anyone who will listen. I am now planning to use the same principles to “call in” some band mates for my future heart-fulfilling contra dance band.”

Musician and Music Teacher
Portland, Maine

“When I first found Conscious Uncoupling, I felt a great deal of heartbreak, shame and guilt after the breakdown of my 27-year relationship. The process helped me to honor, accept and heal from the rawness and pain. I was also able to see the cultural and personal patterns that drove my behaviors and decisions and am now liberated to do things differently. As a result of Conscious Uncoupling, I am now feeling whole, powerful and open to new love. I wholeheartedly recommend this process to anyone considering or going through a breakup, separation or divorce.”

Interfaith Minister & Spiritual Counsellor
Burton on Trent, United Kingdom

“Conscious Uncoupling gave me a roadmap for how to end my long-term marriage with kindness and respect, and gave me the tools to foster a loving family dynamic without needing to be married to the father of my two young daughters. This way of ending a relationship was completely outside of my frame of reference as my former husband’s parents had been married since they were teenagers, and my own parents had created a bitter, painful divorce when I was in my teens. The peaceful ending of my marriage allowed my former husband and I to re-create a healthy relationship as friends and co-parents that is far better for both of us and for our children. I am so very grateful to Katherine Woodward Thomas.”

Writer, Certified Coach, Activist
Beaverton, Oregon

"Your past does not define what's possible for you in love. You do! Take heart and be not discouraged. Love belongs to all of us."

~ Katherine Woodward Thomas

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