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In this FREE community call, my dear friend and New York Times Bestselling author Marianne Williamson joins us to explore such questions as:
  • How can we best use our disappointments in love as golden opportunities for growth rather than simply try to medicate them away?
  • How can we forgive ourselves and others our past mistakes in love?
  • In what ways can we transform our tears so that rather than being broken by a disappointment in love, we become stronger, wiser and more capable of loving and being loved moving forward?

marianne-williamson and katherine-woodward-thomas

Tears to Triumph

Whether or not you are going through a disappointment in love at the moment, or simply wanting to know the right relationship to suffering in order to trust yourself to take greater risks in opening yourself up to love moving forward, you will benefit from this dynamic, life-altering teaching from one of the world’s most foremost and influential spiritual leaders, Marianne Williamson.

If you’d like to pick up your copy of Marianne’s new book, Tears to Triumph, in advance of our dialogue, you can do so here.