Over the past two decades, I’ve had the privilege of coaching and mentoring hundreds of thousands of people on how to find great love and have happy, healthy relationships.

And I’ve discovered that the biggest reason that people struggle in the area of love has to do with having either an Insecure (also called Anxious) or Avoidant Attachment style.

That’s the attachment style you formed in early childhood, in response to having caregivers who were–for whatever reason, either unavailable, unstable, rejecting, negligent, engulfing, abusive or just somehow untrustworthy.

Most of us think we’re stuck with the pervasive troubled relational patterns these imperfect experiences imprinted upon us, and we can limp along for years suffering the repercussions of these childhood wounds.

Yet, here’s the great news.

The troublesome Attachment styles that develop as a result of these old hurts are fluid, not fixed!

Meaning you can evolve your Attachment Style to be much healthier by learning a few simple relational habits of those who have what we call a “Secure Attachment Style.”

Those are people who have much more satisfying and stable unions, where love and closeness gets better and more beautiful with each passing year.

I’ve studied those whose relationships not only last, but also bring great happiness and joy to the two people in them.

And here is what I found.

There are 4 Healthy Habits these people automatically engage (that those with Insecure, Anxious or Avoidant attachment styles don’t) that keep their intimate relationships vital, happy, healthy and loving over time.

Better yet… these healthy habits are highly learnable, giving you the opportunity to evolve beyond your old toxic patterns in love.

To help you learn how to start having happier, healthier and more stable unions, I’ve created a 5 part audio series called Unbreakable Bonds: The 4 Healthy Habits of the Happily Attached to support you to have a breakthrough in your love life!

In the Unbreakable Bonds course, you will:

  • Evolve your pervasive Attachment Style from Insecure/Anxious or Avoidant to Secure so that you can begin emulating those who organically create happy, healthy and long-lasting love,
  • Be empowered to begin realizing the higher potentials all of your relationships hold for happiness, healthy, intimacy and wellbeing,
  • Fortify and strengthen all of your current connections with friends, loved ones and family members, and
  • Prevent unnecessary heartaches and disappointments in love in your future.

unbreakable love

In Audio One: Understanding Your Attachment Style, you will:

  • Identify your “Attachment Style”

    and gain clarity on why stability and longevity in love has been challenging for you in a way that gives you access to transforming your core relational patterns;

  • Deepen your understanding

    of what creates happy, healthy love and begin showing up in ways that promise to generate more fulfilling and joy-filled relationships;

  • Discover how easy it is

    to begin realizing the higher potentials your relationships hold for true happiness, harmony and heart-felt union.

unbreakable love

In Audio Two: Healthy Habit #1:
Assume the Best of Others,
you will:

  • Be liberated from those beliefs

    that have been wreaking havoc with your love life and immediately start creating more sane and satisfying experiences of love everywhere;

  • Awaken to the truth

    of your value and your power to create rich and rewarding relationships that stand the test of time;

  • Discover how to evolve beyond

    old painful patterns by identifying those simple skills that can generate more fulfilling experiences in love.

unbreakable love

In Audio Three: Healthy Habit #2:
Generate Connection,
you will:

  • Discover the one magical practice

    that will instantly transform your hurt and disappointment into an opportunity to deepen the bond between you;

  • Slow down toxic reactivity

    and learn instead to respond to breakdowns in generative ways that will build your relationship up rather than tear it down in times of turmoil;

  • Awaken to your power

    to complete resentments, hurt feelings and damaging mistakes in a way that restores wellbeing and happiness to your relationship.

unbreakable love

In Audio Four: Healthy Habit #3:
Cultivate Empathy
, you will:

  • Learn the true meaning

    of empathy and why simply feeling compassion for another is not enough to realize authentic togetherness and deeply bonded closeness;

  • Discover the four critical keys

    to creating happy, healthy, robust relationships that can last over time;

  • Find out how to listen

    in a way that generates an ample amount of affinity and love between yourself and others.

unbreakable bonds

In Audio Five: Healthy Habit #4:
Care About Your Impact,
you will:

  • Cultivate the humility

    to admit your mistakes in a way that restores trust and wholeness to your relationship;

  • Find out how to dissolve

    your partner’s festering resentments in a way that disappears all toxic emotional residue between you;

  • Discover the potent practice

    that brings true completion to past mistakes and leaves you both free to love even more deeply moving forward.

With each Audio, you will also receive Practice & Reflection Questions to support you to evolve your Attachment Style to a more secure one, so that you might begin having happier and healthier connections immediately!

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The Unbreakable Bonds Course will be downloaded to your inbox
immediately in its entirety for you to do at your own pace!

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