Thank You for Attending

The True You Awakening Workshop

Presented at the Mindvalley University

In order to be liberated to manifest your deepest desires in life, such as . . . 

  • Great happiness in love
  • Optimal health
  • The realization of your life’s purpose
  • Unleashing your highest creative potentials
  • Unlocking your possibilities for wealth and abundance

 You’ll need to be internally congruent, aligned with and living from the Self of that future.

Take a courageous stand for a future that’s only going happen if you make the bold decision to cause it. I offer the Handouts below to support you to awaken and live from the Self this future demands. 

Then let the miracles begin!

Email me at if you have any questions or wish to share your insights, openings and breakthroughs.

With love,

Katherine Woodward Thoma

True You Awakening Handouts

Self Love Power Dyad Practice Handout

Self Love Power Personal Practice Handout

True You Awakening Dyad Creating a Power Statement Handout

True You Awakening Individual Creating a Power Statement Handout

True You Awakening Worksheets