Knowing your Attachment Style is only the first step in your healing and transformation.

Join us on February 18 to finally take the necessary next steps
toward creating the happy, healthy love you most want and need.

A Free Workshop Event With
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There’s been a lot of talk about Attachment Style in our culture in recent years.

Your Attachment Style has to do with the ways you create and sustain close relationships. Formed in reaction to what was happening (or not happening) at the very beginning of your life, it stays with you, playing out in all of your adult relationships....

People often struggle because they hold beliefs at the core-level of their identity that are inconsistent with the sustaining of deep happiness in love. In our psychologically sophisticated culture, we’ve come to call these beliefs, your “attachment style.” The two most common being Avoidant and Insecure.

Discover why just knowing your attachment style is not enough to actually change it.

Join us to learn the keys to creating happy, secure attachment that can last a lifetime.

Do you know your attachment style?

 The two most common are Anxious--

where you secretly fear that those you depend on may suddenly up and leave you, or stop loving you altogether, causing you to give away your power in your closest relationships…..

or Avoidant—

where you find yourself putting up walls or only getting involved with unavailable people. In spite of how much you want love, you find yourself making choices that de-stabilize and sabotage it.

At this point, you may know which label fits you best. (Which may even be some confusing combination of the two, depending on who you’re with.)

Yet has knowing this empowered you to graduate from these deeply painful patterns? Has it given you the roadmap beyond these unhealthy patterns to create the rock-solid, stable, nourishing and loving relationships you’ve been longing for?

Just knowing what your attachment style is doesn’t necessarily mean you now know how to create a healthy, happy and secure relationship!

Here’s the good news: No matter what your attachment style is — you are not stuck with it.

If you’re ready to manifest miracles of happiness and health in your closest relationships, you must discover the secrets of how to evolve beyond the diagnosis you’ve been given!

Join us for a new free workshop with licensed marriage and family therapist, New York Times bestselling author and master teacher, Katherine Woodward Thomas as she shares how to out-grow your attachment style to manifest miracles of health and happiness in love.

During this powerful new event with Katherine, you’ll discover how to:

  • Prevent unnecessary heartaches and disappointments in love before they happen
  • Learn how you can create secure attachment with those who matter most, and discover your power to graduate from the painful patterns of your past
  • Learn the next steps in outgrowing dysfunctional patterns and strengthen your ability to create safety and respect in all your relationships

And more…

Discover the keys to creating secure attachment with those you most care about, and allow your closest connections to be authentic, mutually supportive and grounded in real love.

If you have an Avoidant Attachment Style (or are “Love Avoidant,”) it means:

  • You have a gut-level, somatic sense deep in your body that it’s dangerous to get too close to another human being.
  • Your instincts are (often incorrectly) warning you that others are trying to take something from you, control, or harm you in some way.

If you have an Insecure or Anxious Attachment Style (or are a “Love Addict”) it means:

  • You have a gut-level, somatic sense deep in your body that others could disappear in any given moment.
  • You feel like you have to work very hard to keep the love you find, even if that means settling for crumbs.
  • You live with a chronic anxiety that others will leave you if they’re unhappy with you in any way. Any kind of conflict is threatening because it feels like the beginning of the end.

Do you know your attachment style?

If so, has knowing this information empowered you to finally create safe, secure, healthy, and fundamentally happy relationships?

Have you been able to form the rock-solid foundation of love you’ve been yearning for?

If not, you’re not alone.

Just knowing your attachment style doesn’t automatically translate into an ability to form healthier relationships

— or change any other circumstances in your life.

You have to identify and shift those beliefs at their core, and discover new ways of relating that will support you to evolve beyond it.

Here’s the good news:
No matter what your attachment style is —
you are not stuck with it.

You’re not beholden to the dynamics you were born into, the pathologies from your childhood, or other wounds from your past. If you’re ready to manifest a miracle in love, you must evolve beyond your attachment style — and transform the very belief structures you're operating from.

Join us on February 18th for a new, free workshop with Katherine Woodward Thomas award-winning psychotherapist, New York Times best-selling author and master teacher, as she shares how to evolve your attachment style to a healthier place, so you can manifest a miracle in love.

During this powerful event with Katherine, you’ll discover how to:

  • Work with your own repetitive patterns in a way that gives you a sense of hope and possibility for a future that’s different from your past 
  • Quickly connect with your own deeper center so you can relate to others from a place of strength and authenticity
  • Awaken your power to grow beyond what happened in your childhood home so you can create the kinds of connections that you really long for

And more…

Happy, healthy love isn’t about finding the right person. It’s about being the right person.

It’s about being centered in a consciousness that lets you know you’re safe to be close to others. You can learn to become the source of your safety, and from there, you’ll have the power to cultivate healthy relationships.

Join us February 18th at 10am PT
Evolving Beyond Your Attachment Style

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