Are You Ready to Create a Miracle In Your Love Life?

No matter how persistent your painful patterns in love have been, you have the power to manifest ecstatically happy, healthy, wholehearted love!

It’s easier than you think. And I can show you how.

I’m Katherine Woodward Thomas, MA, MFT, New York Times bestselling author of Calling in “The One” and Conscious Uncoupling (made famous by Gwyneth Paltrow!). I’m also a licensed marriage and family therapist and teacher of hundreds of thousands of smart, successful, creative, bright and competent people. . . people just like you, who have done impressive and meaningful things in life—and yet who remain frustrated (and frankly, confused!) as to why finding love has been so hard.

Believe me, I know the struggle. I’ve been there, too.

For years, I longed to be in a committed, happy, healthy relationship with someone who I could create a family with.

Yet, by the time I reached my fortieth birthday— I was a true-blue, card-carrying member of the fastest-growing group in America—the “never marrieds.”

I was mortified.

I kept trying to figure it out. Maybe men didn’t like strong, mission-driven women. Maybe I’d waited too long to take my desire for love seriously because by now, it seemed that all the good ones were already taken.

I had no problem meeting men. But they always turned out to be unavailable. It was uncanny. Married men, alcoholic men, commitment phobic men, engaged men . . . even gay men who wanted to explore found me fascinating!

If it was an impossible love, I was a magnet for it.

And hard as I tried to have the story go another way (the endless hours in therapy talking about my relationship “issues,” the countless self-help books read and the many transformational seminars attended) at the end of the day . . . it just seemed like it was my fate to be alone.

Secretly, I worried if there was something wrong with me. When asked, “Why aren’t you married?” I’d murmur something about never having met the right person. All the while worried that maybe I’d never been the right person.

Yet, soon after my 41st birthday, I learned about the power of setting intentions and standing for an future that wasn’t going to happen unless I caused it.

Inspired by all that I was learning… I set a bold (and unreasonable!) intention to be engaged by my 42nd birthday.

That was a mere eight months away and I had no prospects for a husband, let alone a great one!

When I called a friend to share my intention, I was relieved that she didn’t laugh or tell me that a woman over 40 has a better chance of being hit by a bus than of finding a wonderful husband.

What she said however changed my life.  

“Katherine, I will hold this intention with you if you give me permission to hold you accountable for being the woman you would need to be in order to manifest it.”

Gulp. That nudge by my wise friend was the start of what has now become the world renowned Calling in “The One” process.

Rather than run out to try to find love, my friend showed me it was more important to go within to discover and release all the barriers I had built against it.

Before then, I had so wanted love that it never occurred to me that I might actually be covertly working against it.

In finally looking within to discover myself as the source of my painful relational patterns, I began to clearly see the subtle yet pervasive ways I was unknowingly keeping it at bay.

That’s when I understood theres a huge chasm between wanting love and being ready and available to create it.

And as I began to take responsibility at a whole new level for my misguided loyalties, deep-seated ambivalence, false beliefs and hidden agendas, I found myself becoming more open to love. By consciously releasing these hidden barriers to love, I became truly available to create a loving, committed, romantic partnership–for the first time ever. 

I began each day with a specific practice that allowed me to align my life with the future I’d taken a stand to manifest. One by one, I identified and released hidden barriers I’d had for years yet was unaware of. Little by little, the inner work I was doing began shifting my external love life. Until just a few short weeks later, I found myself sitting across from a handsome, successful, kindhearted and intelligent man sipping coffee. 

A man who just a few months later asked me to marry him.

Two months ahead of my 42nd birthday.

We were married the next year and the following year,
I gave birth to our daughter.

Talk about a miracle!

And that’s when I began teaching the Calling in “The One” process to others.

Since then, I’ve had the honor of successfully helping hundreds of thousands of people use the exact same magical process I used to “call in” my partner, and Calling in “The One” has gone on to become a national bestseller, positively impacting people from all corners of the globe.

I hear from grateful graduates all the time that Calling in “The One” has helped them to forever leave behind their painful patterns in love, become magnetic to the love they desire.

Here are just some of the things people report as a result of doing the Calling in “The One” process:


  • Are happier and more personally fulfilled than ever before;
  • Are empowered to realize their financial, creative and professional goals in life because of the support and love that their soulmate provides;
  • Have achieved greater material abundance as a result of joining their resources with their beloved;
  • Have birthed or adopted beautiful children to grow their happy families;
  • Have healed old childhood wounds and have a greater sense of self-esteem and self-worth;
  • Take more pleasure breaks and value the moments they have to cuddle up on the couch, cook together, go out to the movies or a show, or just stay in bed for a lazy Sunday morning with the Times;

  • Take more vacations and make sure to schedule play time into their lives;

  • Have built satisfying bonds with other couples who enjoy spending social time and taking trips together;

  • Experience a greater sense of confidence in their own intelligence, creativity and value;

  • Relish the extended network of family and friends that their soul partner brings to their relationship;

Imagine what it would be like for you to have this in your life too.

So, if you’re ready to “call in” your perfect match . . . I want you to know that you’re in the right place.

Because Calling in “The One” LIVE 3-Day online Breakthrough Intensive will empower you to finally recognize and release those hidden obstacles that have been getting in your way.

Once You Release Your Inner Barriers to Love, You’ll Be Amazed by How Quickly (and Dramatically) Your Love Life Will Transform.

In our online 3-Day Calling in “The One” Breakthrough Intensive, I will guide you step-by-step through my simple, yet elegant and radically transformative process that’s been THE turning point in the love life of hundreds of thousands of people.

I hope you join us so you can be my next success story.

To your happiness in love,

During our 3-day live,
Calling in “The One” Breakthrough Intensive,
you’ll discover how to:

  • To put your past to rest – so that you’re liberated to create a miracle in your love life;
  • Awaken to the truth of your value and worthiness to love and be loved – and transform how you show up in all of your relationships;
  • See your disappointing patterns in love have been happening through you rather than just to you – and awaken your power to create an unpredictable and unprecedented future of happiness in love;
  • See clearly the inconsistencies, incompletions and invisible barriers that have been sabotaging your love life for years – and learn how to dissolve these obstacles once and for all;
  • Discover the secrets to becoming magnetic to all things beautiful, good and true – that you can apply to all areas of your life;
  • Become a magnet to the kind of soulful love you deeply desire.
  • Unleash your power to realize your higher potentials in life and in love.

At the end of our magical three days together, you’ll be liberated to create a new happier, healthier and infinitely more satisfying story of how love goes for you.

Here’s What Past Graduates of My Courses Say About How Their Lives Have Transformed

“Working with Katherine has had a huge impact on my love life. Although I’ve been on a personal and spiritual growth path for many years . . . I was not realizing my true potentials in love until I began working with Katherine. She is truly a miracle worker and I now have a wonderful man who I ‘called in’ as a result of our empowering work.”

— Prem Glidden, Certified Coach, Delray Beach, FL

“I have worked with many of the greats over the years, and Katherine is hands-down the absolute best teacher of healing and manifesting relationships that I have ever worked with. I am now happily partnered with a wonderful loving man and we are creating the life that we both want and deserve. I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that without Calling in The One I would not have had the clarity to manifest such great love in my life.”

– Joan Bragar, Ed.D.,
Management Consultant, Coach and Teacher of Leadership,
Author of Leading for Results: Five Practices to Use in Your Personal and Professional Life

“Katherine gave me unprecedented access to my own inner workings, providing the tools I needed to clear seemingly unmovable obstacles from my path and showed me how to draw my wonderful husband into my life, as if by magic. She embodies that rare combination of competence, compassion and deep insight that can actually cause things to happen in other people’s lives. She is a true master and I am inspired by her very presence.”
— Deborah Hurwitz, Composer and Broadway Musical Director, New York and Los Angeles
Katherine Woodward Thomas is a master teacher, who inspired and guided me to see myself as worthy of love. Her work forges conventional and ‘next-age’ thinking into principles and paradigms of high integrity and power. I shall always be grateful to her for opening the door to my greater-yet-to-be… in relationship, in service and in life.”

— Ester Nicholson,
Bestselling Author of Soul Recovery: 12 Keys to Healing Addiction

Here’s how the
Calling in “The One” Breakthrough Intensive works:

On Day One, you will:

  • Break through any resignation you may have and become grounded in the possibilities you hold for happy, healthy and fulfilling love.
  • Identify how your disappointing patterns in love have been happening through you and not just to you, and awaken your power to finally evolve beyond them to create healthy and fulfilling long-term love.
  • Discover how to release the ways you’ve been incomplete with your past that have been sabotaging love in the present, radically release tenacious inner obstacles in ways that liberate you to be deeply happy in lo
  • Craft a wildly inspiring vision of happy, healthy love that exhilarates you and catapults you towards the fulfillment of that future

On Day Two, you will:

  • Identify the specific “False Love Identity” beliefs that have been sabotaging your ability to create happy, healthy love – and learn the step-by-step pathway to waking up out of their trance.

  • See clearly the subtle and covert ways of relating that have unconsciously been causing you to duplicate old painful patterns in love, and access the power you possess to finally graduate from them forever.

  • Awaken to your worthiness to love and be loved and unleash your power to create a relationship that lights you up, inspires you and brings out the best of who you are.

  • Ground your awakening by taking bold actions and engaging your growth – to make living from your “True Love Identity” your new normal.

On Day Three, you will:

  • Discover the key practices that will activate your magnetic powers to “call in” the love you desire.

  • Begin relating to your desires as a delightful and inspired blueprint for the partnership that’s possible for you to create and sustain.

  • Align your life with the future you’re committed to creating – and start making different choices and taking bold actions to turn your dreams into your reality.

  • Discover how to show up as radiant and irresistible – to inspire your beloved to recognize you instantly as “The One” for them.

Calling in “The One” Breakthrough Intensive Bonuses

In addition, when you register you’ll also receive the Ultimate Dating Demystified Bonus Package (a $291 value) that will grant you access to 3 powerful online workshops that will support you to have a breakthrough in love and includes:

Workshop #1: Find “The One” Online: How to Master Online Dating and Create the Love You Deserve

Featuring dating coach and founder of Love U, the wonderful Evan Marc Katz.

Workshop #2: Ancient Vedic Rituals & Remedies to Jumpstart Your Love Life

Featuring acclaimed Vedic Astrologer, Carol Allen.

Workshop #3: How Can I Know If He’s “The One”?

Featuring renowned intimacy expert and bestselling author of “Deeper Dating”, Ken Page.

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Sexual Healing to Prepare for Love with Dr. Laura Berman

As you prepare to receive a beloved into your heart and into your bed, take this time to turn towards and repair old sexual wounds that could prevent you from opening fully to love.

Join world-renowned love, relationship and sex expert Dr. Laura Berman to discover:

  • How to identify and heal painful sexual wounds from the past that show up again and again in your love life as either a lack of boundaries that let too much in, or as rigid walls that keep too much out;
  • How to create sexual safety for yourself in conscious, healthy and wholesome ways that will liberate your inner wild woman to enjoy sex to the fullest;
  • How to privately hone your pleasurable sexual skills now, before taking a lover, so you’re confident and on top of your game when you’re ready to invite someone into your bed.

Dr. Laura Berman is the host of In the Bedroom with Dr. Laura Berman on the Oprah Winfrey Network. She is also a regular guest on The Dr. Oz Show, and hosts her own nationally syndicated radio program, Uncovered with Dr. Laura Berman. She is also the author of 9 bestselling books including Loving Sex, The Book of Joy and Passion, It’s Not Him, It’s You: How to Take Charge of Your Life and Create the Love and Intimacy You Deserve and Quantum Love: use Your Body’s Atomic Energy to Create the Relationship You Desire.

Dating Evolves Overnight: Antivirus Style Dating & Mating Tips with award-winning matchmaker, Julie Ferman

Never before have the rules of dating and mating changed as quickly as they have in the past few weeks. Yet matchmaker Julie Ferman has not lost hope! In this workshop, you will learn:

  • How you can stay in the dating game, in spite of the current restrictions of social distancing and sheltering in place;

  • The new rules of romance and the guidelines for taking it slow;

  • Ways to stay healthy and safe when you decide to meet someone in person;

Julie Ferman is the Founder and CEO of LA’s most well-respected, professional matchmaking agency, Los Angeles Matchmaking, providing personal introductions and dating coaching services in Southern CA since 2001. Julie has privately registered over 30,000 professional single men and relationship-oriented single women, transforming Me to We, with over 1,200 success story couples to her credit. She’s also the four-time winner of iDate’s International Best Matchmaker Award.

Get Your Flirt On, Online! with founder of Rapid Dating Renee Piane

Do you find yourself tongue tied when meeting new people on the phone or online? Do you get particularly nervous when it’s someone you are actually attracted to? Unsure of how to connect with you can’t reach out and touch someone physically?

Join bestselling author and the founder of Rapid Dating Renee Piane to discover how much fun it can be to meet potential partners online. In this 60 minute workshop, you will learn:

  • How to meet potential partners in the age of DOVID-19;

  • Conversation starters and easy opening lines so you can make a great first impression;

  • Magical “flirting with life” techniques to immediately create affinity with the people you meet; and

  • Rituals prepare your energy and attitude before you meet someone to feel centered, open and ready for love.

Renée Piane is an award winning international relationship reinvention expert, co-founder of Rapid Dating, inspirational speaker and bestselling author of “Love Mechanics” and “Get Real about Love”. Her life has been dedicated to connecting people for love, businesses and friendships.


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A private, one-on-one, 45-minute “Setting Your Intention for Love” coaching call with a Senior Calling in “The One” Certified Coach – to support you to get clear about what it is that you most want to create in the course.

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Creating Spiritual Partnership: The Four Foundations of Soul Love workshop

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During this life and love-altering seminar, Gary and Linda will reveal the secrets of their happy and soulful partnership that you can use to sustain a deep connection with your future love.

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Common Questions About the
Calling in "The One" Breakthrough Intensive

The course is highly transformative (as opposed to informational) in nature. So your learning will be experiential and you will begin to see things about yourself and how you show up in life in radically new and empowering ways. You will understand how you have been the source of any past disappointing patterns in your intimate relationships in a way that feeds you power to do things differently from now on. You will also learn how you can become a clear co-creator of love, learning how to be magnetic and to “call in” a deeply satisfying, soulful union that represents the fulfillment of love in your life.

Often, just the act of registering for the course is enough to unleash a whole series of synchronicities and event that will begin to draw a magical love into your life!

The actual program, however, will include live 2-hour classrooms each Monday, as well as 15 minutes a day between classrooms to integrate the principles and practices of the week.

Of course, there is always more you can do if you have the time and are inspired to do so. You could read the Calling in “The One” book along with your program. You can also participate in the optional weekly 30-minute live Community Engagement calls that take place after each Saturday course sessions. You could attend one or both of the optional live 60-minute Love Power Group Coaching Calls with our Senior Calling in “The One” Coaches, and/or even engage with our Calling in “The One” Coaches in our online community by asking questions and receiving coaching support as you move through your course.

The book came out in 2004 and since then I’ve had the privilege of personally leading thousands through the 7 step Calling in “The One” process. All the while, learning what fast-tracks breakthroughs in love, and continually upleveling the program. So while the 49 Days to Love course follows the overall arc of the Calling in “The One” book, the transformative technologies we will be using are the most leading edged and advanced available, as well as informed by all of my learning over the past twelve years.

Calling in “The One” is getting a make-over! There is so much we are all learning about what creates positive, lasting change, particularly in relationships, that I felt compelled to evolve the course to include all we’ve been discovering.

This new course will include my own findings on what allows us to truly be free from past painful experiences in the research I did for my latest book, New York Times bestseller, Conscious Uncoupling: 5 Steps to Living Happily Even After.

The new course is also informed by the latest findings in neuroscience about how to create healthy, happy love (even if you’ve been “love addicted” or “love avoidant” for years!) and which will more fully set you up to navigate the relationship you “call in” to new heights of happiness and well-being in love.

The new upleveled course will also be delivered in a more user friendly format of daily doses of wisdom and love to help you integrate and engage the material in a way more organic to the rhythms of your busy and already full life!

If you’ve taken the course in it’s old format, you are more than welcomed here as you will find new and refreshing perspectives and leading edge information that will support you to go even further in your capacity to complete old painful patterns and become wildly magnetic to the love you desire!

The course is designed to identify and release any internal obstacles to finding the love you desire. It will also teach you how to become magnetic to the miracle of love. While many do find love within 49 days, it is not necessarily our goal. Our goal is to have you feel empowered to cause a breakthrough in the area of intimate relationship, often letting go of life-long disappointing patterns in love, and feeling hopeful and confident in your ability to “call in” the love you want. And that is most certainly possible to do in just 49 days.

The course will illuminate the many ways you’ve been re-playing patterns from your past and unconsciously generating your unsatisfying experiences of love. It will empower you to begin showing up in ways that will create happier, healthier experiences of love moving forward. It will help you get unstuck in your current situation, and to either cause a breakthrough in your relationship (magically transforming your current partner into your perfect mate) or you will find the courage and clarity you need to lovingly transition the union to its new form, so you are free to meet and marry your true soulmate.

Many people take the course simply to help clear away their inner blocks and barriers in love because they want to be free of old, painful patterns, and to no longer worry about how they might unknowingly be robbing themselves of the opportunity to be happy in love. And to know that should they ever choose to have a relationship that they’re empowered to create one. Not all graduates choose to create their forever love right after the course, but they do report enjoying their single status more and relishing in the many choices they now have for deep and meaningful connections with others. However, you are in charge of the pacing of how quickly or slowly you decide to form a lasting, intimate bond with another, if at all.

The World’s Top Thought Leaders
Share Their Gratitude for Katherine's Work

“Katherine Woodward Thomas discovered a portal to love and beckons us all to follow her lead.”

— Marianne Williamson, #1 New York Times bestselling author, spiritual teacher, and world-renowned lecturer

“Katherine’s grounded and fierce tenderness has been an inspiring force for me for years. She is a visionary whose passion for both personal and global fulfillment is felt throughout her writing, presence and teachings. I am so grateful for her.”

— Alanis Morissette, multiple-time Grammy winning singer/songwriter

“Katherine Woodward Thomas is a master teacher and one of the great pioneers who is offering new perspectives, skills and tools that will lead us into the depths of authentic loving, and to the true potency and power of relationship.”

— Dr. Jean Houston, prolific writer and author of 27 books including A Mythic Life: Learning to Live Our Greater Story and The Wizard of Us: Transformational Lessons From Oz

“Katherine is my relationship guru. Her wisdom and guidance helped me clear all blocks to romantic freedom.”

—Gabrielle Bernstein, New York Times bestselling author of Miracles Now

About Katherine

Katherine Woodward Thomas, M.A., MFT is the New York Times Bestselling Author of Calling in “The One:” 7 Weeks to Attract the Love of Your Life and Conscious Uncoupling: 5 Steps to Living Happily Even After, which inspired the conscious breakup of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin, and launched a movement towards kinder, more honorable breakups and divorce.

Katherine is a licensed marriage and family therapist, and teacher to hundreds of thousands in her virtual and in-person learning communities, as well as a featured teacher on the internally-renowned online transformational learning giant, Mindvalley. To date, she’s trained and certified hundreds to be Calling in “The One” Coaches and Conscious Uncoupling Coaches.

If you’ve questions about the program, please email us at or

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