Are You Sensing We’re in a Season Where Life is Asking Us to “Reset” Yet You’re Not Sure How to Respond From A Place of Trust vs. Trepidation?

You’re not alone. 

Join Katherine for this Live Event at No Charge!

Because of the global health crisis we’re facing, many of us find ourselves in unfamiliar territory. Daily routines have been interrupted, professional livelihood is uncertain for many and our closest relationships are being pushed to their limits.

During this time of collective retreat, we are all challenged to relate to this required deep “letting go” as a powerful “letting in” of grace, goodness and gratitude. Our minds can easily attach to fear based triggers and send us reeling with the “what if’s”. . .

Yet, this unique moment in human history is offering us a powerful lesson. If we choose to relate to this time of refuge as Life’s way of getting our full attention, we can see the wisdom in requiring us to reset our sense of purpose, renew the vision of what’s possible, and revitalize the future we are living into.

That’s why I’m inviting you to join me at no charge for

Awakening Your Authentic Self: 3 Truths for Living a Happier, Healthier, More Meaningful Life of Love and Legacy

a LIVE, online event on Saturday, March 28th at 9am PT / 12pm PT.

During this 75-minute gathering via Zoom we will:

  • Acknowledge loss as a call to our awakening, and embracing all that is now waking up within us;

  • Discover how to drop down deep within to a place beyond fear, replacing any sense of fear and anxiety with a profound sense of creativity, vision and possibility;

  • Focus on ways to work with what’s occurring to release you from past limitations and unleash your potentials for greater happiness, health and love.

Yes, I Want the Recording:

About Katherine

Katherine Woodward Thomas, M.A., MFT is the New York Times Bestselling Author of Calling in “The One:” 7 Weeks to Attract the Love of Your Life and Conscious Uncoupling: 5 Steps to Living Happily Even After, which inspired the conscious breakup of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin, and launched a movement towards kinder, more honorable breakups and divorce.

Katherine is a licensed marriage and family therapist, and teacher to hundreds of thousands in her virtual and in-person learning communities, as well as a featured teacher on the internally-renowned online transformational learning giant, Mindvalley. To date, she’s trained and certified hundreds to be Calling in “The One” Coaches and Conscious Uncoupling Coaches.

If you’ve questions about the program, please email us at Support@KatherineWoodwardThomas.com or Kristin@KatherineWoodwardThomas.com

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